DkIT Students’ Union represents students on an institute wide level and continuously works to improve and enhance the student experience.

As a member of the Student Body in DkIT, you are also a member of the Students’ Union. Our work includes:


We represent student views at an institute wide-level, on various committees and bodies throughout the college and communicate them to management in DkIT.

We represent DkIT Students on at USI National Council which gives our students a voice on national student issues such as: Fees, Grants, Jobs and Employability, Accommodation, Equality and Protecting Student Rights.

We also represent students throughout disciplinary and appeal processes.

Student Issues

The Students’ Union works actively to resolve student issues, whether they be on a local, regional or national basis. We act as a channel of communication to bring your issues to the attention of College Management.

Common issues we deal with include:

In order to resolve your issues, we need to hear them. Please see our Contact Us section to get in touch with a member of the Students’ Union Executive.


We actively communicate any changes within the Institute and all other student-relevant information through a number of communication channels:


We raise awareness among students on Educational, Welfare and Representational matters by running a number of Campaigns such as: Positive Mind & Body Week, Safety Week, Rainbow Week, Exam De-Stress Week, On The Ground Campaign and The Education Campaign.


We organise a number of Events both on and off campus such as:

DKITSU Constitution

The Constitution is basically a document that sets out the fundamentals of how the Students’ Union operates. The latest version was adopted by the student body of Dundalk Institute of Technology on 12/03/2019. It clearly states that DKITSU is autonomous in it’s decision making and derives it’s authority from this constitution.

The Constitution a cross between a roadmap and a bible, and if you can understand the Constitution, you understand how the Union works. So read it!

Student Charter

The Student Charter was created between DKITSU and DkIT to ensure that all students will be represented and cared for throughout their time within DkIT. It also explains what is expected from students while attending DkIT. The Students Union fully supports this charter.